Tokyo Riot Police

images (1)Physical Protection and the Tokyo Riot Police

Since 1957, each year a select group of Tokyo Riot Police (kidotai) are selected to undertake a year long intensive program of Yoshinkan Aikido known as the SENSHUSEI COURSE. To be accepted to the course, Riot Squad members must have a minimum of 3rd dan black belt in Judo, Karate or Kendo.

Why would the Tokyo Metropolitan Police do this? Because the training is very physically senshusei7demanding, mentally challenging and teaches a sophisticated & intuitive understanding of Aikido.

Why Aikido? Because it is a system of locking, restraining, unbalancing and defending against one or multiple attackers. If police want to stop rioters with maximum force, they can use water cannons, tear gas, rubber bullets or even live ammunition.

senshusei8However, to develop the skills for stopping rioters with minimum casualty and maximum respect for human life, they choose to send their elite to learn Aikido.

Moreover, police forces worldwide teach aspects of Aikido as an ideal civilian defence art.


The Course is also open to foreigners, and you’d be training along side the riot police. Our Senior Instructor of the Vancouver Dojo (Andrew McBride Sensei) was a graduate of the 19th Senshusei Course and he has some horror stories. If you think you have what it takes….CLICK HERE