untitled (19 of 20)AIKIDO For Children.

Children are taught traditional Yoshinkan Aikido, including basic movements, techniques, and break falls (Tumbling) in order to promote mental and physical development.  Our patient instructors encourage and enable students to do their best.  For children, Aikido offers an extremely safe, playful environment to learn a beautiful martial art.  As with our adult classes, we think that fun is equally as important as discipline. In our ‘soft style’ of martial art Kids learn to deflect any conceivable aggression by redirecting the opponents energy.  This applies not only to physical but mental situations too. In Aikido there is no Kicking or Punching hence the term ‘soft style’.

vancouverkids (14 of 14)What are the Benefits of Aikido for Children?

From the outset what we teach children is not brute force, not violence, but the cultivation of practical defensive techniques.  Above all else we ensure children have fun with Aikido. The end result is mind-body training which over time builds confidence, self esteem and respect for others.

Due to its non-confrontational nature many of our younger students have continued to practice Aikido into their adult years.  This combination of training has claimed the youngest fully trained black belt at 19 years of age.
Aikido truly is a life-long path combining courtesy, integrity, laughter, perseverance and indomitable spirit.

ClairbokkenWhat are the COSTS?

When you see our rates you may be surprise by how low they are, but our organization is NOT for Profit, thus we are HALF THE PRICE of other Martial Arts.  There are no contracts and no large fees to join.  Our teachers are all practising students in their own right and so volunteer their time to teach your children.

                                     MAPLE RIDGE


1 CHILD – $60 PER MONTH or $150 for 3 MONTHS

                                                          2ND CHILD – $110 PER MONTH or $250 for 3 MONTHS

                                                       $15 FOR MEMBERSHIP AND MANUAL


                                             EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 1st 2017

                                                  (Costs, for a 3month term: Jan/Feb/Mar , we follow the school year.)                                        

                                                       Senior Kids – $150 for 1st Child and $250 for 2nd Child.

                                                     $15 FOR MEMBERSHIP AND MANUAL

                                       PLEASE ASK ABOUT OUR GROUP AND FAMILY PACKAGES!!


 What else as a parent should I know?

One of the most important aspects of any training is consistency.  Simply assist YOUR CHILD’S COMMITMENT TO LEARN with focus and encourage them to have fun while bettering him or herself.
Quite often many parents join their children on the mats thus making Aikido a family activity for all to enjoy.

Class Times

Day Location Time Class
Thursday Maple Ridge 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm Kids/Youth (6-13yrs)
Wednesday Vancouver 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm Kids/Youth (6-13yrs)
Saturday Maple Ridge 10:30 am – 11:30 am Kids/Youth (6-13yrs)
Saturday Vancouver 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm Kids/Youth (6-13yrs)