Keith Taylor Shihan (7th Dan – Chief Instructor and Head of Dojo)

Our chief instructor is Keith Taylor (7th dan) who has 4 decades of martial arts experience.  Keith Taylor began his aikido training in 1985 in Toronto. He moved to Vancouver in 1990. In 1992, at the invitation of the International Yoshinkai Aikido Federation, Taylor Sensei went to Ontario. Here he tested and received his Sandan {3rd degree black belt} before Chida Shihan (8th Dan) Chief instructor of the hombu dojo in Tokyo. In 1995 Taylor Sensei tested before Alister Thomson Sensei (6th Dan) and received his Yondan {4th degree black belt}. In 2000, Kiyoyuki Terada Shihan (9th Dan), the foremost senior Yoshinkan practitioner in the world, tested and awarded Taylor Sensei Godan {5th degree black belt} in 2000. In 2008, Yasuhisa Shioda Kancho awarded Taylor Sensei with his Rokudan (6th degree black belt) at the Shuharikan Dojo Yoshinkai Festival, in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Although Taylor Sensei now practices exclusively in Yoshinkan Aikido, he has many years of experience in other martial arts, including karate and hapkido, in which he holds a 7th dan.

Andrew McBride (6th Dan-Senior Instructor)

Khai Phan (3rd Dan Instructor)

Tony Rodney (3rd Dan Instructor)

Tim Barr (2nd Dan Instructor)

Tin Ma (1st Dan Assistant Instructor)

Duncan Clelland (1st Dan Assistant Instructor)

Jann Pan (1st Dan Assistant Instructor)

Allison Mangaya (1st Dan Assistant Instructor)